5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic Immediately

Kay McKenzie, business woman
Kay McKenzie
September 26, 2023
5 min read

Building web traffic through your social media platforms is a lot like a city planner knowing how to get traffic in and out of a city efficiently. Getting people to your website through engagement on social media can be tricky, especially if you have a limited budget and are already trying to utilize paid advertising. To get your social media traffic rolling, here are five things that you can do to get more people to your social channels, and ultimately your website.


Use Visuals to Inspire Your Audience

First impressions are essential when you are trying to boost your social media traffic. Visuals, more times than not, help us to make decisions. People want visual content to ensure that their purchasing decision is valid. When customers can view a product video or demo, they are more likely to make a buying decision when compared to reading a text review.


Make Easily Shareable Content

Having a mobile-friendly website is extremely important. In fact, data shows that 65 percent of time spent on social media was through a mobile device, and almost 40 percent of news content was accessed on a mobile device rather than a desktop. With an increase in mobile use, it is more important than ever for your content to be easily read on a mobile device as well as being simple to share.


Improve Your SEO

While you want your readers to be able to share your content easily, you also need to make sure that your content is being shared correctly, as well as effectively. At some point, you'll have to consider upping your SEO best practices. When you want to bolster your social traffic, optimizing your content for search engines can have a tremendous impact on the amount of web traffic you see.


Know the Best Times to Post

The key to building a substantial following on social media is all about consistency. The more consistent you are, the higher chances you have of being seen by your target audience. When you start to see a spike in social media traffic, don't slow down on your posting. It's crucial to keep a daily publishing schedule if you want to build your social media traffic effectively.

Research Your Competition

A tried and true marketing strategy is to find out how well your competition is doing. Social media competitive analysis helps you dissect the traffic you gain from social media. It helps you to quickly locate key performance metrics and see how similar audiences respond to your competitor’s social media posts.


Increasing your social media traffic starts with effectively managing your social media channels. Don't hurt your website traffic by making your social media campaign a one-way strategy.

Kay McKenzie, business woman
Kay McKenzie
11 Jan 2022
5 min read